Our Services


We research on software testing and debugging for developing state-of-the-art technologies of test automation and automated program repair.


We develop Web applications (from building servers to implementing clients), programs for machine learning and statistics analysis, etc.


We consult engineering guidances and lectures on software testing for contributing its more spreadin actual software development spots.

Acceptable Matters

State-of-the-art Technologies

Applying our state-of-the-art technologies (see details) to actual software development projects.

Web Application Development

Developing Web applications from scratch; that is, from server-side (PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Servlet) to client-side (JavaScript). Also supporting to introduce contents management systems (WordPress).


Building infrastructures (AWS and VPS), Web servers (Apache, NginX, and node.js), mail servers (Postfix and Dovecot), and file-sharing systems (ownCloud).

Test Automation

Analyzing test specifications and implementing unit tests (JUnit) and acceptance tests of Web applications (Selenium). Also supporting to introduce continuos integration systems (Jenkins and Travis CI).

Statistics and Machine Learning

Implementing programs related to statistics and machine learning (Python, R, and Java) with our knowledge on mathematics and computer science.

Technical Guidances and Lectures

Teaching fundamental techniques on software testing and debugging in personal (pair programming) and to a group (lecture and seminar).