Headquarter & Lab Room Merged and Moved

We have merged our headquarter and lab room and moved them from April 1st 2022 as follows. Please revise your copy with the current location. Sorry for inconvenience. Current: Showa Kanda Bldg.Ⅱ 6F, 10-5, Kanda Higashi-Matsushita, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0042, Japan Previous: (Headquarter) Resona Kudan Building 5-KS-Floor, Kudan Minami 1-5-6, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan (Lab...

The 1st Anniversary of Foundation

We are able to cellebrate the 1st anniversary of foundation. We deeply appreciate irreplaceable guidance and encouragement of all concerned. Our favorite restaurant, Iwamotocho style, gave us the surprise congratulatory message. Thanks! We went to see the cherry blossoms while musing over memories of the last year…

Phone Number Changed

A phone number of our company has been changed from March 11th 2019 as follows. Please revise your copy with the current phone number. Sorry for your inconvenience. Current: +81-3-6281-9814Previous: +81-50-5806-3776

Welcome to New Engineer

We are happy to announce that a new engineer starts working at our company from December 1st. For celebrating it, we had a welcome party!