JUnit 5 User Guide in Japanese

We translated JUnit 5 user guide into Japanese and published it on our website. We are happy to announce that the JUnit team officially merged our contribution!

Presentation at ACM/SIGAPP SAC 2018

Udzuki, Inc. attended the SAC2018 conference in Pau, France. We made a presentation of our paper, “AutoPUT: An Automated Technique for Retrofitting Closed Unit Tests into Parameterized Unit Tests“, on the SVT (Software Verification & Testing) track. The aim of this study is to help developers maintain their test suites by parameterizing redundant unit...

Company Registration

We registered our company “Udzuki, Inc.” at the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau as of today, April 2nd, 2018. From left at “founders’ picture” above, Shunichiro Suenaga, Ph.D. (Executive Adviser), Keita Tsukamoto (Director), Yuta Maezawa, Ph.D. (Representative Director), and Shunji Okamura (Executive Adviser).

Our Restaurant

The main store of Iwamoto-cho style is our restaurant for lunch and dinner. Meat-sushi is the most delicious food delivered at this restaurant. Make a book!